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Viewing DSS Data

The Great Lakes and Ohio River Division stores archived hydrologic data in HEC's Data Storage System (DSS) databases. Zipped annual databases may be downloaded for use on PC's and various UNIX platforms. Be aware that the data is NOT quality controlled. Use of the data will require one or more of HEC's database utility programs. These may be obtained free of charge at:

Installation of the DSSVUE program on your Windows PC greatly facilitates working with the DSS databases and permits easy tabulation and graphing of data. The Excel add-on permits opening of a DSS database while in MS Excel and then working on the data with Excel.

For the archived DSS database below the following databases are available:

  • dssnavYY - Navigation Project Data (stages, towing information, etc.)
  • qualYY - Water Quality Data (temperatures, dissolved oxygen, etc.)
  • rivYY - Mainstem Ohio Data (stages, etc. from GOES and navigation)
  • resYY - Reservoir Data (stages, etc. from GOES and other sources)

For users unfamiliar with HEC's DSS, zipped ascii text files (.rtf files suitable for use with MS WORD, EXCEL, etc.) of raw, un-edited navigation data for many locations in the Ohio River Basin are provided in the form


NOTICE: All data contained herein is preliminary in nature and therefore subject to change. The data is for general information purposes ONLY and SHALL NOT be used in technical applications such as, but not limited to, studies or designs. All critical data should be obtained from and verified by the United States Army Corps of Engineers, Great Lakes and Ohio River Division, Water Management Team, 550 Main Street, Cincinnati, OH 45202. The United States of America assumes no liability for the completeness or accuracy of the data contained herein and any use of such data inconsistent with this disclaimer shall be solely at the risk of the user.